It’s a kind of…magic! ;)

Maaaaagic! 🙂 Life can be magic also ;)) Last week-end I was surrounded by magic 🙂

I was promising in a previous post that I will explain more about when do I see magic in my life…so here it is!

I was starting the German course with a very funny talk, how to break up a German guy with a letter 😀 not the most magical discussion, but totally funny, and laughing and smiling is magic to me 🙂 …so we were laughing especially at the last saying of the guy after reading the letter … “Ah, Ja? … Viel Spaß!!” :)))))

Later on, meeting with cool friends at Tollwood, we were literally  deciding to use “Hey, would you break up with me?” 😀 as a  pick up line!! 🙂 Magic evening, we laughed sooo much that I could not believe it, it’s been sooo long since I’ve been so happy smiling and laughing! And spontaneously, I learned from my other friends that there is an extra place for the next day trip to Neuschwanstein…so for only 6E, logically that I joined in, the weather was hot and sunny and the company was too nice to skip this trip, even if I was really really tired after the last week! 🙂

So next day in the morning I visited the most magical place in Germany… Neuschwanstein Castle, the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle. I love the nature surrounding from the Neuschwanstein Castle, I looooove the view from Marienbrucke, Mary’s bridge!  I would camp there if I could! 🙂 So yes, this kind of natural surrounding is magical in my eyes!

And the magic was not over! I’ve met some interesting people in this trip, and among them…surprise! some friends of a friend of us that already left Munich!  Meeting interesting people and realizing the world is so small, it’s magic, I’m telling you ;))

And this leads me to Sunday evening…  waiting for the final of World Cup to start in Cafe Camera, a restaurant of some really nice Romanian brothers, I saw magic happening, this time between 2 people who just met…and it was love at first sight! 🙂  I really hope things will work out between them! And this song was the background for it ;))

You don’t know anything about me….so I’ll leave the time to do its magic! ;))

I loved seeing people happy, seeing them smiling, seeing them in love also, made me sooo filled with joy!  I could never be jealous or envious on other people’s happiness, I could just join their happiness 🙂

I feel sooooo sunny these days because of this memorable magic week-end!