Language is music

I am currently searching new approaches on finding German more attractive…and well, music is the answer for me, as always! 🙂

I first discovered this video of an excellent guy that learns a language in 3 months and supports the skype conversations with natives for learning a language.

And then one of the guys in the video attracted my attention with his musical language speaking, so I researched a bit and found him!

This is just Awesome! I seriously like this guy’s approach and video 🙂

“If music is sound and sound is language, that means language is music” 😀

True, even though I’ve never learned Portuguese in school or in a course, I understand and speak quite well Portuguese because I listen often to portuguese songs during Forro parties, I talk with native speakers and listen to portuguese songs at home as well.

Ok, now it’s time to get a big big dose of German music these days 😛 Suggestions of some good German songs? Danke schoen! 🙂