Bittersweet life…

After a magical happy week-end…my week started with disappointments…went on with understanding more about depression and suicidal thoughts and people…and finished with nice photos of mommies to be …. My life this week was a bittersweet simphony in the middle of a rollercoaster!
The week began with dissapointments…. some people who I know since 2009 totally disappointed me….

but as it’s this saying of the writer Eliza Tabor, “Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.” I will not comment here more about these people, totally not worth it, especially since I was approaching them with a friendly open and trusty attitude and the answer was sooo …….. no more comments anymore!

And I was not the only one disappointed, my next 2 days were crowded with disappointments, depression & suicidal thoughts or attempts, death news … don’t worry, it’s not about me, happily I pass through bad moments in a different way, but this doesn’t mean that I cannot hear or get in contact with people dealing differently with bad moments.

Later on these days, another friend of mine passed through similar disappointing times…  only that he really felt so lost and alone, and I was just so useless in helping him … or so I think…I can’t elaborate more, it is a privacy thing so I will keep it at this level of sharing.

The next crazy moment happening this week is that we were driving with the car and at one moment, the CD started playing a Romanian singer, a hit song from 1991…

so it was sooo long time since I haven’t heard her…And the next day I heard on the Romanian news that she died, she killed herself exactly when she was 43 years!! I got chills on my back !! Maybe while we were listening to this song, she was dying  or thinking of killing herself :((  God forgive and rest her! RIP Madalina Manole!

All these disappointments for me and around me, talks and articles about depression, suicidal thoughts and death, both in near circles of friends and general world-wide news made my days from this week quite dark and cloudy…

What I can say after this week is that it is better for all of us to understand what depression is (listen here an english subtitled multimedia project about depression called “Urâta/The Ugly” ) and also to be aware that many people and friends near by may suffer from depression (whether they admit it or not, whether they treat it or not), and it is a truly friendly gesture to pay attention and recognize those depression signs in friends near by and try to stop those suicidal thoughts in time, before it is too late …  Read here an article about myth and reality related to depressions and suicidal – the article is only in Romanian so far, since it was written as a result of the suicidal of Madalina Manole, the singer that I mentioned before

And as life always goes on…in the same day I saw the first photos of two nice friends of mine, that are both expecting babies in this moment, in final trimester! The happy photos after these cloudy days made me see that life is balanced, that life takes on one hand and gives on another hand, and we all go through this up – down – up rollercoaster in our lives.

Bitter and sweet moments intersecting with each other in my life…..It’s a bittersweet symphony this life!