Cheerfully me! ;))

Hello, dear reader!

Thank you for landing on my personal blog, please take a musical cocktail in your hand and enjoy the atmosphere around here!

As it says on my main page, this is my creative endeavour in writing about my personal experiences, totally personal, and from time to time you will find also different posts about things that interest me or caught my attention (as long as I cannot fit them in another thematic blog :D).

After more than a year of blogging, I can say that in 2011 my blog is for me a “way to celebrate the idea that it’s much more fun to discover who I am rather than create the person that I’m supposed to be” (Brene Brown). This blog journal is a space for this story of mine to unfold and to help me achieve emotional balance and whole-hearted level. It is for me and whoever else wants to stay in touch.

Why this name for my personal blog?

because it’s all about rhythm and colours in my life ….I love music, all the people who know me can confirm that

… because many times I find myself recording people, places, situations, projects etc and associating them with a song or a colour  🙂

… because I love moving things forward, and that needs rhythm too, and why not, spice it up with a little bit of colour!

You see, that’s why “The colourful RhYtHm of my life” is totally the best choice as a representative blog name for me!  😉 🙂

Colourful music

But just like in life, this rhythm will have it’s ups and down’s, it will be a fast pace or a slow pace, and for as much as possible, I will try to keep the sorrow away, but with all the necessary excuses…..WTF, I will probably be silly and sorrow and you name it… it is also part of life, and life is real, so I cannot stop writing or thinking about it. Don’t worry though, I will do my best to get as many positive moments to share, since I am usually a highly happy energetic optimistic person 😀 ! :p

Since it’s not always so easy to share these moments of my life, I would totally appreciate a feedback from you 😉

Cheerfully yours,

Deea, the green-eyed girl   

green eyed girl 😉