The illusion of love

When you end up breaking up, whatever you thought you had was an illusion…there’s a movie that approaches this topic,  it’s called She will fall in love with me, and below is the trailer in french

Short overview: A young musician is bruised by a recent breakup and he is traveling in India. The meetings that spice up his journey will make him realize the futility of his hurt. She Will Fall In Love With Me is a film about a breakup. Emotive, strong, sometimes funny and self-derisive, the film presents itself as a musical road trip in the heart of India. It allows you to meet also five loveable characters who tell their own way their love story. Pain, endless, happy or imagined, they are both unique and universal. This is a film in which each is found and moved, and where there is always hope for a story that will work well … As said Sathyendra, an old Indian Madras mischievously, “She left that boy, very bad boy, and then I thought: She Will now fall in love with me. ”

I will come back with my impressions after I will manage to find it and watch it.