Painting name: Into the unknown, a ship sailing through the raging sea
Painter: Chris Pointer

I am living into troubled waters again…my life is again stormy ….. the entire year was too stormy for my taste, much much more than I was expecting…… this whole year was too messy and too stormy, too exhausting emotionally…..but then again ….why ask for peaceful times and waters?    A smooth sea never made a skilfull sailor. Let’s sail!…and if I will sail, I want to sail with skill and art! ;))

I remember the feeling that I had when I went out sailing the first time on  Starnbergersee, where I was also swiming for the first time in my life …learning how to  better said ;)) it’s true what it’s said…jump into the water and then you will learn how to swim…and that was a day full of firsts in my life…sailing, swimming, tying a sailor not (more actually :)) …3rd of October 2011…worth remembering!

That was such a happy blissful day, like I see it in all my photos from those moments…

Sailing brings a blissful serenity in my heart, I love it!  Maybe I should learn both how to properly swim and how to sail a boat… that would be a great hobby to have …. 🙂 

I am sailing, I am sailing.
home again, ‘cross the sea.
I am sailing stormy waters
To be near you, to be free

I am flying, I am flying
Like a bird ‘cross the sky
I am flying, passing high clouds
To be with you, to be free

Can you hear me, can you hear me
through the dark night far away
I am dying, forever trying
To be with you, who can say

We are sailing, we are sailing
Home again ‘cross the sea
We are sailing stormy waters
To be near you, to be free