My fortune cookies

I’ve always considered that these fortune cookies are just some nice way to find a good quote or to find good morale for the period to come.  So far it worked. 🙂  I got generally fortune quotes that were exactly related to what I was going through in that moment….I didn’t took too many of them until now, so it will be very easy to do an inventory of them all and to analyse them now looking back in time, checking if they were somehow close to being right or they totally failed……and this inventory and analysis idea came up to me because I think the fortune cookie that I got today is so off track!  especially considering the past, it’s off track for sure… But meanwhile, here is my fortune cookie inventory:

1) Last July, in the summer of 2011, in a really good Chinese Restaurant near Trudering with A, C and H, I opened my first ever fortune cookie and I read:  “Follow your heart” …if heart is the place where my intuition is…then from now on I certainly will follow my heart….because my intuition taught me a serious life lesson, it proved damn right until now, at least lately since I started to consciously observe it…


2) with Gia, in the first day of september and autumn 2011, in a day when I knew that our roads will split, when I was searching for a job and I felt again in a bad moment of my life I got a fortune cookie telling me “Luck will cross your way” ….it did… in the form of a recruitment company that managed to get a good job for me, the one who’s contract will end now in May. I also thought that luck was the person that I met in those days… but luck was strictly referring to the job in that case… to the professional life, not to the personal life …


3) During a lunch at work, in March 2012, I took a nice asian meal and they offered also fortune cookies…I took two, and I talked about those fortune cookies here in this post Kindness, where I actually combined those two fortune cookies into a new perspective.

4) Last Saturday, last days of April 2012, I went into an Asian shop in Rosenheimerplatz and I bought some fortune cookies.  I shared some of them with my friends, some I still have.  So far, from those cookies, this is what I got:

  • on Saturday night, my fortune cookie told me “Always be ready to forgive” …. true… but now, it’s not someone else that I have to forgive…no one even asked me for forgiving anyway, it will pass more time before I will be asked that…..the person that I need to forgive it’s me…and that is hard…just like I said here in this post….I am still searching for my green grass
  • On Monday evening, I got 2 other fortune cookies, just because I was craving for the sweeet stuff :p  and I got first this “Free choice and plenty offers, jump over your shadow” …if shadow refers to my past in both personal and professional life…then this fortune cookie it’s totally right on track….I just need to jump now into a new place….. and the second one was “You are more a leader than a follower” which is true as well…especially since it’s not saying that “You are a leader not a follower”, which I would dis-consider. I find myself balancing these two roles in my life, but overall, my personality balances more towards leadership than following.  Read Lion in the cage and The Spark and all the posts linked there  if you don’t believe me…
  • But if so far these fortune cookies got it all right on track, at the right moment, today’s fortune cookie just ….got it all wrong….so far at least, it got it all wrong… maybe the future will be different, but there’s nothing like this in my past…“You are lucky in love” …yeah right…..I’ll do my best to believe it…for the future’s sake…cause the past is disappointing big time …   My lucky stranger, where art thou? I haven’t met you yet… Being really lucky in love is a big thing to say …. and you will never know if you were truly lucky in love until you will  be all wrinkled on your skin but you will notice that your heart has no wrinkles and you still love the same person and that person still loves you after years and years and years of growing together.