Top Notch ToDay

Last Wednesday puzzles connected on their own, the sparks turned into real fire and clarity of mind about what to do next in my life.

The little bamboo seeds of our dreams sprouted last week and they grew in one week as others in years, my dreams and my friends dreams are getting on the right track and with a little bit of rain and sun around, they will grow fruitfully ;))  Last week was memorable for allowing us to feel like this:

Fortunately, last week when all this happened, I still had a kind of a peace of mind, I was in no last minute panic as in Calvin`s cartoon…Unfortunately, on Friday, a kind of last minute panic kicked in related to some bad news related to my contract…eh well, what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger …. and you may say creativity, inspiration all kicked in….and I got quite a lot of things solved or on the right track at least. Let`s keep the inspiring mood for this week as well, for every today from now on until things are calm again 🙂

I wanted thrill…here I am …rollercoaster feelings all over….and Today is a Monday and will be Top Notch hehehe 🙂