I am almost like in a hibernation mode these days….all this fight with myself this week added to all the emotional exhaustion that I had …I thought I reached my limit last week…apparently I still had one more week to go and more to add….until it exhausted me at any level …emotionally, physically….. at least now that I wrote what I had to wrote I can sleep, finally…and for a couple of days I sleep almost non stop, night and day…just recovering …

Now it’s 20, I just woke up and I wanted to listen to something calm and smoothing…and this song Change appeared in my path from one of my favourite singers,  Tracy Chapman, I wrote about her in a previous post The warmth of a voice …. only that even if this song appeared in my path, I know that this one it’s not for me this time… I will just send the message forward and who has to understand, hopefully will understand… who has ears to hear will hear…at one moment…

Change by Tracy Chapman

…only the next song that came up was for me…


Stop thinking of you
Stop thinking of you
Stop thinking of you