The Spark ;))

When the time is right, things just happen….dots connect….ideas collide … sparks happen … and we’re seriously getting into business ;))

Today (Wednesday 4th of April 2012)  was wonderful overall, I haven’t had such a memorable and amazing happy day since  last year…

Work – GREAT! Finally a good decision about the temporary management of the team…and hopefully a long term permanent contract for the new manager, I hope for her from all my heart! Full day, clearing a lot the work for next week to be able to enjoy the free Easter days without getting into a stressful coming back and good moments overall.

Lunch break – Super nice to meet  and talk with Oskar out in the sun in front of his Afro place (from where I bought one or two months ago a super nice mask with an afro couple for my dear L&V couple that loves to collect worldwide masks…and only after I`ve set my heart on buying it I found out it was coming from Nigeria…it almost changed my mind then considering the moment that I was in then … but well, it will not be mine and someone will appreciate it, so soon enough will be out of my room and out of my sight, so it will be very good…) …and after our talk today, I am considering to let him test some haircuts or hairstyles on me …let’s see, cause I need to consider the planned haircut / hairstyle booked before my sis’s wedding in May as well….

Lunch – FANTASTIC! And that would not be the case normally, considering that I went alone and I am sociable person…but the place was so chic, a chic fashion boutique where I went for trying to repair a jacket….had also a small coffee/lunch place with some tables…and the idea behind this place is actually helping people who are unemployed for long to work and earn some money…  and the atmosphere was delightful, listening to the best of Frank Sinatra while eating a super delicious vegetarian dish, a huuuge coffee and a tasty cake baked by them….as always, you can feel the love when it’s baked by someone’s hands with care and not manufactured at large-scale ….yummmmy…. it was such a lovely lunch that it made me draw this on my new camera (ooh, I love the new camera, I did not realize until today that it had this touch screen drawing option :)))

And just to make it all better, my lovely zombie messaged me to meet in the evening, exactly when Frank Sinatra was singing this song…and for sure we’re always happy to be near and happy to cheer each other up for 3 years already since we know each other 🙂

I just felt so goood and relaxed and happy in that little coffee place that I did not want to leave it …. but I had to go back to work at one moment, fortunately work is really great as well so it was good to go back.

And the evening, ah this evening is MEMORABLE! LEGENDARY! 🙂 It started with a positive vibe in a nice location, friendly dinner….and from one idea to another, sparks appeared, ideas collided, plans were made ….oh, and many many photo tries and lots of fun to immortalize the moment :))))) …. while literally jumping around, singing and dancing in the rain, just like in the movies….MAGIC night! :))))

Looking back, it all makes sense…. how did I had this intuition to think about it and post the Bamboo story last night only, even though I know it for more than a year? Sometimes this intuition thing scares me too…so I cannot judge those that think that I look too much into things or that I see too many things…it’s not a thing that you can understand if you don’t experience it first hand…but I did and I keep experiencing it over and over again lately…and proved right every time, no matter if I listened to it or not…

Today it felt like finally my time has come, like the small little bamboo sprout finally appeared. 🙂  

And many many posts I wrote, especially in the last year, are now connecting so nice! Read, my dear zombie, read on and remember our Dancing in the rain moment 🙂  ….and our  Que sara sara song – Will I be pretty? 🙂 …and Lion in the cage … and Belief…..and  The Rational Optimist…and Hunches Collisions and Good Ideas …..and Lateral Thinking … and Personality tests …and Quit marketing, start baking….and Made with love…and Work of heart, but not for free…and What’s your BETT’A idea? …. and Creativity’s gift ….and Focus:CRT-witty….and Snow White Apple….and Entrepreneurship competencies. … and Social. Business. Money. Impact. Both……..and Give & change in a s sustainable way…. and Green ideas ….and Lucky Happy…. and Agent of happiness…. and Money can`t buy…. and Let`s get friendly! …. and Happy climbing….and Dare!  ….and What`s inside everyone … and Walk focused! … and The four agreements…..and Phoenix (as some friends already call me, cause I managed to reborn from my own ashes and from my own personal ruins and I transformed my ruin into a gift of learning and evolving,  getting even My Quest out of it and discovering more and more Benefits of failure) ……and yes, I`m a Fighter and so are you ;)) …and I`ve become slowly but surely a Lighthearted Queen of Change in 2012 …. after starting the change with my ReZolutionary 2010 vision…  we just need to remember to always Enjoy our gift …. and there are many other posts, these are just to start with, top of mind after tonight’s moments…. In all this time struggling, in all this time when I had so many Pressures in my life…  I was building my roots, I was building my character… like I wrote in Money and happiness ….

Everywhere you look, there’s a compelling evidence that the single-minded pursuit of wealth often leads smart people to do incredibly stupid things — things that destroy what money can’t buy.

“You’ve got to be a mensch,” and that has to do with what we used to call character. To be successful means to have developed character… You should be looking for the joy, the struggle, and the challenge of work. What you bring forth from your own guts and heart. The happiness of hard work. No amount of money can buy that. Those are things of the spirit.”

The SPARK of our DREAMS ignited!  ;))