True story!

Everything that happened lately in my life and especially this last 2 weeks events and interactions with more people in my life made me see clear things and made me remember what I wrote almost one year ago….it is exactly like this in my life….and probably not just in my life….

I just have to add extra to this post at least one Romanian proverb that happened again in my life and I never believed it until recently:
“God, please protect me from my friends, because I know how to protect myself from my enemies.” …it is true story as well… and considering that I think I don’t have enemies or I don’t consider anyone an enemy, but I consider I have many friends…God, protect me! Cause if I keep seeing the good in people and friends and trust them in all my vulnerability but they end up betraying the given trust and the worse is behind your back thinking that you never see it ….in this rhythm, I will keep getting the biggest hurts and judgement exactly from the people I trusted as friends, the people I cared for, the people who I helped to get where they are now or supported them in their life changes, connecting them with other friends, making them happy etc….

Bitter truth, but true story….fortunately, the story as I wrote some time ago has also nice sweet parts if you keep your heart open no matter how many times you get it scrambled…just walk on and things will reach where they have to reach, like a river that always gets its way to the sea, no matter how many twists and detours in the way it has to make. You are more like the river, you should never be upset that you get hit at full speed into a rock and cause you hurt and trouble and mess by tormenting the clarity or purity of your water flow…….the rock will stay where it is, you will go on and meet more and more springs to join  your journey to the sea…and those springs are the freshness that you want in your life on long term…

The colourful RhYtHm of my life

Part of my personality and life story:

helping people, caring for them, supporting their changes, making them happy, connecting friends…

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