Love hurts…really?

In less than an hour it`s Valentine`s day…millions of hearts, love songs and love declarations are flying around….and millions of other single folks are hiding away, hurting because of broken relationships, because of unshared feelings or because of a missing “Valentine”, reading stats and studies about why love hurts and listening to songs for broken hearted people, like these:

Unfortunately, I`m doing exactly the same as the single ones….and listening to the same songs tonight and to many many others…and I`m crying, crying, crying and my heart and soul are really hurting so badly now……but I am sure this is not because of  love, as I`ve been told by a friend…I care a lot for someone, but this cannot be love.  I refuse to believe that all this hurt is caused by love….

There`s a simple reasoning behind this idea of mine, a reasoning that I wrote about it in this post, in a pretty good moment in my life and …. even if now I am truly one of those hurting moments that probably inspired this Love hurts idea I still believe it`s like I was writing then….

Oh, and I heard all to many times that love hurts from many friends…..please guys, stop saying that, it’s not true! Love doesn’t hurt! What is hurting is actually rejection, lack of acceptance, betrayal of trust, jealousy, disrespect, mean words or actions, ignoring the other person, making the other person feel like an option when they offer you their priority, not being here in the present for the other person… the list can go on….and if you think that you love someone but that person makes you hurt….that is not the person to love! Move on, one day a worthy person to love will come along in your way!

For me love is embracing, caring and accepting the other one as it is, love is supporting the other one to become what he/she has the potential to become and wants to become, love is respecting the other one, love is trusting with all your heart in the other person, love is making the other person happy, fuzzy and warm all inside, feeling butterflies flying around and in your stomach.

Love is healing, guys, love is not hurting. Love is healing!

Meanwhile…it`s Valentine day …and I will not sit around feeling sorry for myself, crying for the recent past that it`s clearly over… Future? no worries needed, it did not happened yet….it`s time to live the present and make it as beautiful as possible. I am in my present and I will enjoy it to the maximum…what if it would be the last day I have on this earth?

I may be single, but I am fabulous.

And unlike this photo, I don`t feel the need to say also fuck Valentine`s day…let there be love, at least one day per year, for as many people as possible…

but I will not stay inside just because there is a romantic looking couple everywhere I go these days..I will transform this present day into my fabulous day with my fabulous single friends. 

There are many ideas around to explore, like in this post for example,  just get the real love attitude and do something, change a rubbish isolated Valentine`s day into a perfectly enjoyable one, full of real love.