Today I learned more Greek words…but the one that remained in my mind is Harumeno – Harumena.  It means cheerful – respective cheerfully.

It will be my word and my new name from now on….Harumena….because it`s representing me (read Cheerfully me to understand why 🙂 and because it`s so easy & simple to remember it –  many people told me when we first talked … Ah, so you are Rumena! (Romanian) …and ha! is an exclamation in Romanian, similar to Ah!…..so Ha!Rumena! :)))) See? Simple!

I am Harumena! ;)) and I love love love my Greek family for managing to bring me back up cheerful when in this moment they don`t know exactly what`s wrong with me and still they manage to bring smile and joy and cheerfulness in my life with their delightful way of being.

Among the delights that I had this afternoon together with 2 cheerful Greek couples was a real Greek coffee made in ibrik,

Greek coffee made in ibrik

a special Greek delightful cake (Bghrughacia??), home-made, that they eat next to the coffee generally or at a snack in the morning, some of the delicious caramel waffles that I brought back from Netherlands and some other type of snacks, raspberry tea as well and in the end of the nice afternoon time we tasted a smooth and very nice alcoholic drink, made of coffee and liquor, coming from Ireland (Dublin) and being called Sheridan`s. Talking in German, Greek and Romanian, learning different words, and only were needed talking in English.

I absolutely love this international atmosphere that I have in the house, the attitude of the people from this house and I hope that my entire life will be spent in such an intercultural environment inside my home, with people who know to behave like in the photo below.

It`s my dream house and family, this is how i would like to have my own home and family one day, this is what i am searching in my life.

Coming back to my current reality, Sunday afternoons with Greek coffee, Greek friends and lovely family, with nice intercultural talks seems to become a habit with me, I keep enjoying since this year started.

Actually 2012 seems to be under a shiny Greek light for me. I started my 2012 year being invited to participate in their Greek family tradition called Vasilopita, when they bake a special cake for Saint Vasilis that it`s celebrate on 1st of  January and they hide one coin inside of it.  When the cake is done, they gather all family and close friends next to them and the head of the family has a mission. He will set the prize for the one that finds the coin (this year it was a 20E prize), then he makes an ordered list with all the people mentioned before, in the order of age and closeness to the family and  then  he takes a number of small grape shaped parts of the cake, one for each person that is present and puts them in a glass of wine and with a spoon, each one has to take one small little grape cake filled with wine, in the order from the paper with the names. Then he cuts the cake in a number of pieces equal to the number of people.  Then he spins the plate and chooses one piece to be the first one and counts from there on, clockwise, and gives piece number 1 to the person mentioned in the list at number 1(generally the head of the family), then piece number 2 to the person that is at number 2 in the list and so on….And so we all had our piece of cake in front of us together with a smooth nice fruity raspberry tea with honey and we were all searching to see who has the coin. None of us could find it and so we were wondering where is it in the end. Guess where it was….in my piece of cake, it was well cooked inside so i could not find it from the beginning when i broke the cake in more parts!

Vasilipita after being baked

My lucky piece of cake plus the coin and it`s aluminium wrap and the 20 Euro bill that i received after I found the coin

I could not believe it when I found it! The tradition says that the person that finds it will have luck in that year…. and like I said, I had the beginner`s luck 🙂 being invited for the first time in their Greek family tradition and finding the coin in my piece of cake…it made me believe even stronger that this year will finally be a good one for me, on all areas of my life, work, money, personal happiness…but so far, it seems that it will be just a good work and financial year, even though I was hoping in some other areas of my life I will have more luck as well..but well, the year is young, I`ll make the most of my luck as it is.

One more time, my new name is Harumena.  Harumena Deea. 

I am so incredibly lucky to have a Greek family to love and that loves me back here in München, far away from my real Romanian family.  And next Saturday I will meet the entire Greek community from München in their annual Bal event where I was invited to attend….I knew I will go there for almost 1 month, but I never thought next week will be the perfect moment for me to attend it …I guess I have some lucky star somewhere to help me move on into a new environment, different from my recent stories, exactly at the right moment, when I needed it, not a moment sooner…I hope it will be the enjoyable night that I need now…. cause I certainly want to feel for real Harumena again, naturally like it was always for me, and without so much effort as I need now…so much effort just to seem Harumena…and seeming and feeling Harumena are two different things….these days it will be challenging to feel Harumena again…