Sunny side up :)

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans…

For 2011-2012, my plans were clear.

 At professional level, I had to get over this bumpy ride that I had lately in my life, get a really good paid job while still doing what I love, clear up all my finances and  get some savings and then invest either into starting something on my own (freelancer or small business idea), into the family business or into start-ups with close friends (there are more ideas with more friends).  Some are already talked entrepreneurship ideas,  many others are just developing. The mentioned order is not their priority btw 😉  And in May 2011 I knew intuitively that I will be able to start them sooner than 5 years  (as I was writing in this post  Lion in the cage) … but I never thought it will be sooner than 1 year!

Personally, my plans were wonderful, but nonexistent. Sure, I know what I want and appreciate, for both friendship and for a meaningful relationship, but unlike career, where you can work and achieve what you want,  happy relationships and friendships happen from both sides or don’t happen. So the wiser thing for me is to just go with the flow, enjoy wonderful moments with the beautiful friends that I am blessed to have met so far and believe that friendships will connect for real and for many years ahead and that one day someone just for me would appear in my life…and my expectations were that that one day will be a few years further ahead, not among the 2011-2012 days.  Simply because I was too disappointed until now by the men I’ve met and that I’ve considered worthy at one moment. I thought they were wise, they proved to be otherwise. I was wise enough to say no at the right moment for what they had to offer, their view on things since their conditions certainly were not matching mine…and I know that what I want exists and I am happy I was not willing to take compromises when it came to my dreams and personal happiness.

Now these were the plans… What life had in store for me lately?

I was applying for many jobs all over the world, searching for a good mix of exciting responsibilities and good pay. And I was also contacted by a few recruiters to apply for their openings. Out of all the jobs that I ended up applying for, one was really just for the sake of it, because a recruiter considered me suitable and convinced me to send an application  (I was not considering myself suitable at all…I had an interest in change management and I applied before, but not in IT area…  so I just did not even considered that I will be called for an interview…) I just sent an application and I continued job hunting in those directions that raised my interest:  social media, online marketing, branding etc. Getting really short on finances,  I finally decided it’s time to move back  home and search jobs from there…well.. that was the plan put into action…but life…life is what happens while you are busy making other plans….In those 2 weeks after booking my ticket, two life changing moments appeared:  I got called for attending the interview half of month later and during one of the farewells that I’ve attended before leaving Munich I’ve also  met a wonderful person.

At career level, I accepted the interview, I started reading about all the certifications and knowledge needed, I got more and more confused and less and less confident that it has anything to do with me and my life plans…until I started seeing how would all fit actually with me and my life plans… And I came back to Munich for the interview, I performed well and 2 hours later I got the call that I got the job! Wow! M…Indeed, you always get the jobs you are not bothered too much about :p …the best part? It will be on a freelancer contract, as an external and it was something that I’ve researched and talked a lot lately, just like I said before, I was interested in starting on my own without working permit for each little job that I can perform. There are options to become full-time as well as to extend the initial contract, let’s see what happens next. Meanwhile, it’s time to start looking for getting other contracts as well, a different exciting life as a freelancer is starting this week :d

At personal level, I’ve been writing recently in the post Fancied about the few nice moments that happened in my life after I’ve met this amazing person, before leaving back home.  I was thinking then that those moments were just a chapter of my life, ending there and then, especially since I was leaving Munich and he was supposed to leave Munich as well one week later… neeeeh! wrong! 🙂  I came up in Munich for two days to have the interview, I’ve met him again and now I’m writing  the follow-up of that chapter … and the best way to call this chapter  it’s Sunny side up 😉 

I could not really see him for real from the beginning…fortunately, he did saw me and gave me time to open my eyes as well …I see him now 😉 The more I get to know him, the more amazing I find him, constantly surprising me and upgrading whatever I hoped, believed or dreamed about…reality turns out to be so much more interesting and nice, so much better! well…almost better…if only…if only our moments together could be more than just intense, happy and too short  …until we’ll meet again, I’ll keep thinking of those precious memories and hope that next time we’ll have some more time together 😛

So yes, life….life is what happened to me lately and changed my entire direction and plans in life…it gave to me in less than a month so many good moments…and in only two short intense days, 16th-18th of November in Munich, some of the nicest professional achievements and some of the most amazing moments in my personal life in Munich! It was for sure a sunny side up kind of trip!  One of the few regrets related to this trip is that I have almost no photo as a memory of these beautiful moments, my camera is broken and I took only a few photos with the phone, when I remembered, since I usually don’t use it for photos…the result…my happy face and my friends’ happy faces are nowhere to be found in those few photos… I guess I’ll just have to rely on the fact that my brain recorded it all and will be able to recall it even when I’ll be all old and gray…. it’s a challenge to reach there considering I’m getting younger every year on my bday hihihi  :p …and the other regret…it was too short…

Mmmm….have I started to write the chapters of a book without even realizing it? I see now that life really is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…I don’t know what ending should I add to this personal life chapter…because it does not feel like an ending this time. 🙂 

Considering the previous chapters, one of the followings must be called Les Retrouvailles (details about  the meaning here in this article). So I guess the best ending this time would be this…

…J’attend la prochaine retrouvaille! xx