The magic of Cartoons

Classic Disney cartoons and the new Pixar and DreamWorks ones are so great! I always enjoy them with so much pleasure, especially because hidden among their childish look you can actually find really good useful life philosophies!  And I must admit that the cartoons are magic for me because of the amazing great songs as well!   

What’s your favourite Disney / Pixar cartoon moment, philosophy, song or dance ?  I’d love to update my cartoon to watch list with your recommendations 🙂 

Here are some of my favourite life philosophies  from cartoons:

  • Bare necessities or the simple life philosophy- from The Jungle Book
  • Hakuna Matata  – The problem free philosophy  – from the Lion King


And when cartoons meet art – Walt Disney meeting Salvador Dali – it is Destiny that something amazingly beautiful appears 🙂 


How about the rhythms?

  • This one may not have any philosophy in it, but damn I love the happy rhythm 😛 can’t help moving on it! I wanna be like you from The Jungle Book 
  • The Little Mermaid’s songs “Kiss the girl” and “Under the see” are  among my favourites 

  • Oooh, and the funny dance from Puss in Boots 🙂 

  • I’m behind with watching some of the new cartoons, but I saw the trailers and I’m sure the Happy Feet 1 and 2 soundtrack will be in my top great moments and song list once I’ll see these cartoons! 🙂 

Use the comments to tell me your cartoon preferences, inspire me to watch/rewatch the most beautiful cartoons. 🙂