Hey ho! Lately I’m into trying out lots of new things. And it goes for my blog as well.

So here it is. The new blog look is ready. Come on the ListenToTheBeat blog and have a look. 

EXPLORE it a little bit. I recommend two fun simple ways of exploring my blog.  

  • Search option. Look in the right sidebar. On top of it, there is a search box called “Find it fast!”.  Write there a topic/ word that you are interested in (whether it’s an attitude, a feeling, an inspiring video, a life moment, a learning moment, a location, a professional topic that I am interested in like marketing, advertising, trainings or creative ideas etc) and press search.  If I was writing about it in at least one of my posts, you will have some results, if not, give it another try, search another word. Browse through the posts that appeared after the search and click on the ones that got your attention, you’ll be directed to the content of the post.
  • Featured Posts Header. Go to home page and look at the header. You will see there the posts that I found important enough to feature them in the header of the blog.  Use the right and left arrows to navigate among these photos/posts.  Click on the photos and post titles that raised your interest and you will be taken to the content of the post where you can read more.
  • Search, Read and Repeat as many times as you’d like 🙂

And if you liked what you read during your exploring moments and you’d like to receive future updates, you can also SUBSCRIBE to this blog, to receive automatically the new posts in your inbox. You’ll get each post in your inbox every time I’ll  write about something new that came up in my life and/or mind  (a life moment, a learning, an inspiring video or event, a change, an attitude etc).   

Here’s how to subscribe:

  • If you have a wordpress account and you’re signed in, subscribing is as easy as pressing Follow on the top bar, in the left side.
  • If you want an email subscription, put your email in the box that appears in the right side bar, under the search box, press subscribe and then confirm by pressing on the link sent automatically in your inbox by wordpress.

That’s it. Simple. Be the first to know, the first to rate the post, the first to comment the ideas.  

Talk to you later, my friend!