Entrepreneurship competencies

These days I’ve walked a lot around this entrepreneurship and freelancing topic. And I’ve discovered that the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (CEE) released an Entrepreneurship Competency Model.

Is this the model of the perfect entrepreneur knowledge? Sounds as if they cracked the success code for entrepreneurship, isn’t it? …hmm…but somehow, I think it’s more the model for entrepreneurship education that could prepare you for doing it, but not a guarantee of success even if you learn it all…

Why do I think this? Because some of the most successful entrepreneurs that I’ve met where not experts in all these topics, they actually had no idea of many of these topics, simply because they never focused on knowing it all, but on building a team that knows it all.

They might not have all resources and knowledge necessary, but they will start their action as soon as possible, without a guarantee that they will find the needed resources along the way, at the right time.  They just do it. They take actions, they take risks, but they manage the risks and reduce them by learning and doing….that’s why willingness to learn and willingness to take risks are truly needed, at the basis of entrepreneurship.  And if you have the basis, the personal effectiveness competencies, the more you know from this entire pyramid, the better prepared you are to start something on your own.