Oh, well…!

You wanted something. What did you do for it?

1) You did your best. You succeeded. Great! You are happy. Enjoy it!

2) You did your best. Maybe more times. But it didn’t work out.  Oh, well…!  Many times things happen or not happen, sometimes for a reason that you’ll discover only later on. Either way, deal with it, learn what you can from each experience and then move on fast, set your next target and go for it.

3) You were too scared or lazy to do anything and give a chance to success. It’s like that joke with the very faithful person that prays every day to win the lotto. And one day he hears a voice saying “Please please please buy a lotto ticket! Give me a chance to give you luck!”. So you did nothing but you waited everything. Surprise, surprise !? Nothing happened from what you wanted. Now the time passed and there is nothing you can do anymore, even if you wished for it. What if …? What if you would have done something?

What situation would you prefer to have in your life?

Naturlich, situation number 1!  

But sometimes things don’t work out. And if they don’t, I’d rather know that things didn’t work out as a result of situation number 2 than situation number 3.  At least I tried, at least I did something, I’d rather have action and oh,well… than lack of action and what if…?

I’d rather have a life of “oh wells” than a life of “what ifs”.