Life in a day

Tonight I’ll travel around the world and I’ll see life in a day.

I’ll visit the life of many people from all continents and their  life events from 24th of July 2010. And I’ll do this by just watching this 1 hour 30 min real life documentary. It’s 22:10 here in Romania, by 24:00 I should already have finished watching it.

Watch it with me and share your impressions in the comments afterwards.

Life In A Day is a historic film capturing for future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010.  Executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald.

The movie was recommended by a friend as “so real, so emotional – a movie project, which compiled the different moments of 1 day of life of different people all over the world, which makes you to laugh sometimes, sometimes to cry…truly amazing”

PS: I finished watching it…it is incredibly touching to see so many different people, cultures and life styles, life events, good and bad moments, fears and love, daring and laziness, trivial stuff like eating, toothbrushing, going to toilet or shower, working or catching up with family, fighting with real problems like hunger, health issues and recoveries, births and deaths of different animals and of human beings, and many many other moments ….

….the movie gave me goose bumps many times, touched me to tears sometimes or made me laugh and have fun with the people from it…it’s not like watching a cinema movie, the emotions from those directed movies could or maybe could not reach you….but this documentary is the real thing, this is the emotion of life, all the real people and real issues presented here are captivating and are passing through the screen and reaching you….you, another human being that is probably luckier than many of the people from the movie….and seeing all these different life aspects, you realize… hey, I’d rather live my life in this moment as much as possible, because you never know when it can get worse and every moment it’s priceless. So I’d rather have a life full of “Oh wells” than full of “What ifs” from this point of view….and I hope that one day I’ll be able to help out some of the people who are in so much need around this world and sometimes you don’t see them because you’re to occupied with your happy life or with your troubled life …

Bottom line …It’s a MUST watch video! 

Watching the video made me ask myself how was I spending my day when this video was taken?  I searched my photo archive and I realized that I did knew about this day and the movie recording project, but somehow, for some reason, even though I’ve taken videos of  my life in that day with the thought of sending it for this project, I never felt important enough to send all the things I’ve captured on the camera. And I did captured some  interesting moments in Munich and I haven’t seen any recording from these Munich events in the movie… now that’s a 15 minutes of fame opportunity missed 🙂 but it’s ok, it’s not fame that I’m after and it’s not this that I want to be famous for.

How was my day, since anyway I recorded it almost all? Munich, 24th of July 2010. Working from home on a gray rainy day, cooking some traditional Bavarian stuff very simple to make, going out on a pooring rain to Olympia Park to see the fireworks marking the summer nights end, recording the fireworks, Olympia Tower, lots of people hidden by their large gray umbrellas, the Olympia bridge and BMW welt with all the car noise coming from the highway that was right under the bridge, the windy noisy rain, the thunders and the thunder like fireworks sound… And then, out of curiosity and because just one stop in the rain was not enough for me, I went to Marienplatz to see what’s happening over there…nothing, just some blurry Rathaus photos taken in a rainy night. I did not gave up on my quest for something interesting and went to Hauptbahnhof…crowded, full of people and lucky me, I did found a group of Austrian or Bavarian yodlers with their traditional lederhosen and the long musical instruments, playing until their train was supposed to leave. I left after they left, they were really enjoyable and it was the first time that I saw that such type of an instrument c0ncert, all spontaneous.  I left for Karlsplatz, to take my U5 from there and had a look at the Stachus fountain and the heavy rain from outside…but even though it was rainy, it was hot or I felt like it, so I went to take a delicious Mc Donald’s icecream with chocolate topping, one of the very few things that I love to buy from there. And then I reached home. Overall, it was a happy day for me, full of interesting things, stormy weather, lots of places visited…but no friends meeting as I recall, because of the weather, somehow all meetings we talked about got canceled…and for me interacting with friends would have made this day much much more important….and probably would have made me send some footage as well…I guess I never considered sending a day of solitude in a huge city, since this is really not representative for the days of my life in Munich…oh, well, I enjoyed plenty of other days with friends!   But after seeing the last comment from this movie it made me decide to send all my footage if this project of life in a day will ever be repeated, no matter how interesting or not interesting my day turns out to be. Because nothing is truly unimportant in our lives. It all maters.