“To fancy someone” is a British way of saying that you like someone more than a normal friend, that you find attractive that person, that you want to date and get more serious with that person.

I’ve been fancied lately and I’ve fancied as well a gentleman as I was hoping at one moment to find…smart, entrepreneur attitude, brave,  with a real man attitude and in the same time funny, spontaneous, outgoing, gentle, caring and with many many things that we like in common (ex music, dance, cooking and many more).  It almost felt to good to be true at one moment, I almost thought this would be the kind of person that would stick around for a while and for which I would stick around for some time and try to make it work.

And we had it all for 2 intensive weeks and we could have had it all for a longer time…just like Adele was saying when we were listening together to this song …

Unfortunately, the end of this nice time is here. Fortunately, this time I managed to don’t get emotionally tangled, cause as it seemed in the end, I would have been the only one…I guess my emotional protection was the fact that I have a very bad impression of men after many moments from my life and some friends’ life and the fact that I did not want to believe in the compliments that I received…believing in these compliments would have made me fall and get emotionally tangled. Like this, things were just nice, simple and easy while they lasted and I’m getting out quite ok out of it all, unlike other times…..unfortunately, he did not made me change my impression on men, but he also did not made me think worse as others made me after their short stop in my life.

Overall I had two very intensive weeks – a new British word learnt by doing, new experiences and new perspectives gained.  And for the first time in my life I’ve been emotionally “like a man” , I gave only what I also received, without getting tangled and without expecting more.

Chapter over.