Turning 30

“I may be thirty, but I’ll always be flirty.” – Dane Peddigrew 

I might start to change my mind on the Hindi speaking movies…not all are so full of music and choreographed dance as you never see in real life, like Barbra Streissand said in The Mirror has 2 faces, we never hear music when we first kiss as you see in the movies…so  finally at this Bollywood movie I could breathe and not skip the bollywood scenes of dances so that I can discover later on that two flowers touched somewhere on the dance and …bang, a child appeared! so many cultural meanings exists for each movement of the hand, of the foot, of the entire body that only people born and raised in that culture can understand it…all the others feel somehow dazzled, surprised, foggy at the best, not understanding where is the connexion between the movie that was before the dance and the part after the dance…and when you need a logical thread in the movie, maybe not obvious, but at least connecting the dots and scenes at the end to be able to trace the logical thread of the action…then bollywood movies are not for you unless you get trained in reading all that dance and body language…

But like I said,  I might start to change my mind on the Hindi speaking movies…tonight I saw a movie called Turning 30. The movie seemed to me a mix of Sex&the city based in Mumbai, mixed with the Bridget Jones diary and adding  interesting insights on what women think when turning 30, without crowding you with lots of songs with choreographed dances etc…it seemed the most down to earth and reality anchored Indian movie that I saw.

I’m not far from 30 as well, but I’m not finding myself in all the movie thoughts related to 30, however it made me think of some new aspects . And most of all this movie made me think why I don’t think the same, why I feel more like a 25 person than an almost 30? Maybe because just like tonight, people never give me more than 25 ” you’re not 25? 26? 27?  really more than 27? nooo! no way!”  and feeling like 25 and being perceived as 25 is kind of matching well 🙂  Still young at heart, soul and enthusiasm!  🙂

I recommend the movie –  for these interesting insights on turning 30, for the fighter spirit that this girl has in front of so many problems that appear in her life all of a sudden, for some funny and hot moments and for the flirty song from the beginning of the movie, do watch it!

Here’s the starting song of the movie

Boy, let’s get down and dirty

Larky, you’re turning 30

I’m sexy, crazy, flirty,

Larky, you’re turning 30

Here’s the trailer of the movie

And here are some interesting quotes from the movie:

Mirrors lie and ask difficult questions. Am i beautiful still? will he still love me when i have wrinkles?

We see only what we choose to see.

Thirty or not we are looking for happiness but perhaps in the wrong places.

It is tempting to give up but i must believe in myself and in my product

I just think women should just let their hair down and start having fun

We should have a club for women over 50 to celebrate womenhood

Why do we always want the men who don’t want us? And never want the men who wants us?