Romanian songs at German radios

In case you were wondering what Romanian songs reached the German radios…I am listening for a long time to Radio Charivari (Muenchen’s hit radio) and in August 2010 I started writing this post, collecting the Romanian songs that I could  hear each week-end.  Since I will stay in Munich for only one more week-end…it’s time to publish this post before leaving  :p

Radio Charivari plays most of these songs every  Friday/Saturday night and some of these songs at least twice!  It made me wonder if there are Romanians in this week-end show of Radio Charivari, but they’ve told me that it’s a famous DJ from Berlin, 100% German…which shows just how strong is the Romanian clubbing music scene.

If you’re in Germany now, you might not see all these videos embedded here in this post because of the “nice” black youtube screen telling you that this video is not available in your country :(….in this case, just search the artist and song name in google and find a video or song that works – these songs are worth the effort to listen to them :).

Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat – it reached number 1 in summer 2011 in Germany

Smiley – Love is for free feat. Pacha Man

Giulia & DJ Project  – NU

Inna – Fly like a woman

Inna – Hot

Edward Maya si Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

O-Zone – Dragostea din tei – aka as Numa Numa song….so….even in 2010 I could hear it in the German radios!! ….nu mai scapam de cantecul asta, e in istoria lumii! :p

Akcent  & Nico – Jokero

Crazy Loop – Crazy Loop aka as Mm-ma-ma

Shantel – Disco Disco Partizanii – this one I just heard it tonight (16 october), twice!

And searching for it, I found also a gipsy dance video combined with this song, here’s the link if intersted. 

The last song seems to be the same as this one, Filipp Kirkorov – Disco partizany – I have no idea which one was first