Two types of people

I saw an incredible movie “My name is Khan” that I recommend to everybody.

It’s one of the few movies that touched me incredibly….maybe because of the story of such a good soul with so many challenges in his life, maybe because the music that i loved and fitted perfectly to the moments, maybe because I believe in the same thing as Khan’s mom was teaching him, even though I am an Orthodox Christian, a different religion from hers … and still this lesson is not taught to everyone … what a wonderful world this could be if our souls and minds could follow this one simple lesson in our lives…

If there is anything that I would take out of it, then the lesson gave to Khan by his mom would be it.

” -(while drawing simple hangman silhouettes, Khan’s mom said)  This is you and a man with a stick, beating you. And this is you with a man with a lolipop, offering it to you.  Now tell me, which one is a Muslim, which one is a Christian?

-They seem the same…

– Yes. Remember this, my son. There are two types of people: Good people who do good deeds and bad people who do bad deeds. There’s no other difference. Now tell me, what do you remember from what I said?

– Good people. Bad People. There’s no other difference”