Happy kiddo!

I’ve had a great day!

I was taking care of the sweetest 3 year old kid that I know, Nico, and of my dear Ben, while I took them both out for a walk on the Isar shore.  It was an absolutely wonderful day, laughing with them, walking and running around, painting in the sunshine, on the shores of Isar

I love this kid, if I will ever have a kid, I hope it will be as smart, communicative, smiling and sweet as Nico. 🙂 And I will get for him a dog to play with … and Beagles are among top favorites after knowing Ben 🙂


I realized  that my happiness lies in such simple things as walking, the smile of a kid, the puzzling questions that only small kids can bring up, the playfulness and gratitude of a lovely dog, the natural surrounding, the sound of the water, the sun rays …. Today I was so rich, richer than I ever was because I could experience all this, even if it was just for today. That’s a rich life for me, this is what I want to have in my personal life.

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