Once upon these days

Once upon the time, it felt like a fairytale. Was it…?

Once upon the time, it was, for me at least, in my heart, in my mind…

Once upon later days I realized it was only for me a fairytale feeling. It was meant to go bad. So it went bad. Fairytale gone bad.

Once upon these days, once upon many many days actually, there’s no more fairytale for me anymore about this situation. The fairytale blindness it’s over for a long time.  I walk again straight headed, confident, cheerful and full of life and happiness. I feel free. I feel so free in my soul again and I realized it only last night, while I was walking between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz and the rain, the blessed rain caught me. :)) It made me sing and dance in the middle of the night, in the middle of the city, in the middle of the rain!  Maybe my rain dancing and singing moment was also the effect of the song that I was singing in the karaoke this night at Laura’s farewell, it made me feel so good as well:

I’m still standing from Elton John

I still don’t realize how could I be so blind at one moment, how could I let myself feel so under appreciated, so unaccepted, so judged, how could I get along with it, how could I doubt myself, thinking of changing myself in direction I’ve never set for myself, just for someone else. No, change should start from within, not from outside. Change needs to be genuine, not for pleasing someone else, or else it will not last. Plus, no one deserves to make me feel like this, all the happiness moments are not worth all the other unhappiness moments. I don’t want this in my private life. I will not take it. Now or any other time.

I feel free again. Free to be happy, to be cheerful, to love rain, to love dancing, to love singing, to love simple things, to be complicated if I want or if I can, while still being so simple and honest in my heart and words, free to love worthy people, to love life with good and bads and make the most out of it.

Life, bring me my next challenge, I’m ready!