Nuca gaunoasa

We have this saying in Romanian

” Nuca asta e frumoasa, dar inauntru e tare gaunoasa”,


“This wallnut is looking beautiful, but it’s empty or rotten inside”.

True wisdom!   What looks like a treasure on the outside can be sometimes so full of **** on the inside!

This is one more reason why I don’t care about how things/people look and that’s why I appreciate the things less visible to the eye, the inside, the interior, the quality for things or the kind honest character in people …those are the ones that count for me, those are the harder to find, those are the real treasures to keep.

How about the exterior?…nah! I like to look at nice exteriors, but it’s like  “apa de ploaie” translated as ” rain water”  and meaning as transitory as rain water, comes and goes. That’s why I am looking for something worthy to look at, something meaningful…and those things worthy to look at are the things you cannot see with your eyes most of the times.