Paying with love

I was writing a few weeks ago about the most beautiful love letter that I ever read, here is the Love letter post.

I found now by chance at a facebook friend’s profile the most heartbreaking love poem I ever read. It’s worth sharing, because both emotions are  just sides of the same coin in our lives…so we’re paying with love tonight, as Jessie J is saying in her song Price tag 


When I felt the butterfly kisses –
fluttery, like candy floss and cat tails,
I was so high, above the slippery sky, filled with sensation;
a blind moth drawn to a flame in cool clothing.

How was I to know – that butterfly was no thing
A creature of thought and nothing more
One that cannot exist
in the cold wintery truth of reality.

When my snowy awareness
froze that flitting butterfly
I touched a wing
The whole thing shattered

And the shards spun around me
in a whirlwind, overtaken
I cried out, I held up my fists –
and the shards slipped down my throat.

All cut up on the inside.
There are no sutures that can hold these wounds closed.

Poem taken from here, Author Cyn Thi A