Zen & Potential

 Last night’s talk was related to taking things as they come, and learning to accept things when they aren’t going to happen…funny how life brings me things in front when I am ready for them…I just had a beautiful musical discovery, Emilie Simon – Come as you are

 And just like this new song discovery, two more good reads crossed my path today, on more or less the same idea, but with very different views, one vision is to take things as they are, another vision to take things as they have the potential to become. 

  1. The Zen story of Seeing things as they are  – a few ideas from this article are below.

Most of us take things for granted. We go through the motions of life as if we know every thing about it already and as if we have gone through it already. We hardly see. We hardly pay attention. We rarely stay with the moment. We are stuck somewhere either in the past or in the future, with some notion, fear, fantasy, idea or illusion. We do not see things as they are, but according to our mental states. Our judging, calculating and measuring minds come in the way of our seeing and knowing. Our thinking stands in between our selves and the reality around us. Our perceptions, conclusions, knowledge and the so called wisdom we acquire through analysis and conditioning, may give us the satisfaction that we have achieved some erudition or intellectual superiority, but in truth we remain as ignorant as ever because we have not learned to open ourselves to the beauty and the truth that surrounds us. Through practice, the Zen master learned to see the truth as it was, in a simple and straightforward way. The complexity of life is an illusion we want to believe to justify whatever desires and ambition we entertain.

World’s profound wisdom is hidden in the simple truths of life. Most of us go past it because we are preoccupied with our memories, feelings, beliefs, fears, anxieties and expectations. Our knowledge is an accumulation of memory. It is not rooted in the present. It is not based on the perception that is unadulterated by the conditioning, beliefs, authority, faith and comparison to which we are usually subject. We cannot go beyond it because we depend upon memory and authority and are reluctant to deviate from the paths our minds choose to translate our vision.

2. ‎The power of believing, article from Connected principals, a good site on educational themes. Sharing. Learning. Leading.

Treat a man as he is and you make him worse than he is.

Treat a man as he has the potential to become and you make him better than he is.


What’s your point of view? Seeing things as they are, just accepting them as they are without trying to improve/change/make them better or seeing the potential and making things better/improving/changing?