Going beyond 50%

I read this post of a friend of mine, Going beyond 50%, talking about book reading…her words are so true, it really applies to me to! …parallel reading books and sometimes all at the same time less than 50% status….ok, I am multitasking, but sometimes it’s just a need for focus on one at a time and finalize each one of them!

But more than this, I realized this is not just about reading…this is also true about posting on my blog… Why do I say that? Simply because looking at the dashboard of my posts, I realized that I have 176 posts published…and 138 Drafts! of posts, ideas that appeared in my mind, but never been finalized, just noted to start a future post, postponed for another moment when I’ll have time…or finalized but never wanted to share those posts with the world, since they were too personal thoughts and feelings in that moment.

136 started and unpublished posts it’s a whole deal of posts and ideas that never saw the light of my blog….so it’s time to read through, analyze what I was writing there, refresh if needed, condensing, simplifying, clarifying and then publishing …at least 50% should be worth publishing as I remember 🙂 …so I have about 68 posts that should be published from my past thoughts :p … but I’ll try to be very restrictive with publishing them or create a publishing rhythm..I don’t want to create a flood of posts :p

However, I need to get things finalized with some older ideas and see if they have any future…or at least any worthy memory, feeling, rhythm, colour that should be kept in the pages of this blog, the Colourful rhythm of my life.