Soap bubbles

I appreciate the quality, the content, the value, the character, beyond the shape, beyond the image, beyond the brand.  And I am referring to both products and to people. This is deep inside my mind and settled among my life values for a long time.

Related to products, I work in marketing and I understand many of the mechanisms used by brands to get into the consumer’s mind, to create a strong image. So I look beyond the image and if the product is worthless in my mind, if it has no quality or low valuable content compared to what it’s promoted, no image can convince me to buy it, it’s just a shape without content for me (forma fara fond in romana).

Related to people, my search is oriented towards real life values, character, kindness, good soul, wisdom etc beyond trendy attitudes, coolness, money, wealth and owning material things, peer influence that is anyway changing with the fashion of the moment etc. Being highly intelligent or highly rich, but having a mean soul or no wisdom of the heart and soul, no character while taking your decisions etc will put you soon out of my circle of close friends. But when I’m finding what I am looking for, I take it with open arms, and that’s how I got the luck of finding some really nice beautiful people around me – and I’m not talking about exterior beauty, even though they are blessed with that as well, I’m talking of people with beautiful characters and souls.

So yes, I’ve got the habit of looking beyond the image, because I consider that the image or brand or perception we get about products or people is like a soap-bubble, shiny and nice and beautiful, but with no content other than air and that can be broken at the smallest touch if there is no substance beyond it, if there is no character to back it up….it’s just like the photos of the bursting soap-bubbles  mentioned in this article... Richard Heeks spent weeks capturing these images of the bursting of a bubble:

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1st photo – This is how it begins

2nd photo – A tiny prod with a fingertip and the delicate surface of the bubble is broken

3rd photo – After being poked the surface of the breaks up, from one side to another, turning its surface into a multitude of droplets which appear to hang in the air

4th photo – As the droplets begin to fall away only a small part of the bubble’s surface is left intact

5th photo – Within the blink of an eye, what was once a splendid bubble is now nothing but a fine mist falling to the floor

So no wonder that the biggest clashes or differences of opinion that I had in my life where with people who are appreciating more the shape than the content, more the brand than the quality, more the image than the physical properties or the real life values.

In time, I got the wisdom to let it go and don’t get bothered too much about all these differences of opinion on topics related to this life value of mine….because I know what’s a soap-bubble for me and what’s real shinning pearl worth searching and having…

So now I just let the others to convince themselves, it will happen eventually, after trying out to get their hands on shiny soap bubbles that they see around…because the moments of truth are coming for sure when you are chasing soap bubbles and think that these are the real valuable things from your life.

The moment of truth: a soap-bubble between a wonderful image and a disappearing mist.

Enjoy your soap-bubble chase!

And later on, good luck in pearl finding and harvesting!