Lion in the cage

Today’s talks at work and with friends brought back my entrepreneurship and business thoughts (see here the posts from this blog mentioning these words) that appear mentioned more or less transitory in many of my posts in this blog….and mentioned way more many times in my real life talks with my friends.

Even though at the end of February I had a very good talk in this entrepreneurship direction, starting to Link the Puzzles (read here that post) of my future,  I was still thinking this entrepreneurship day will be further away….5 years maybe….but after today I think more and more this day it’s closer than I think….I don’t know how much closer, but it is closer than 5 years.

Today I feel like a lion in the cage.

And a lion in the cage looks like a clown. It doesn’t belong there. It belongs in the wildness of the jungle, free to move around, enjoying the simple natural life, happy in its simplicity.

I’m walking around, nervous for not knowing how long will I still have to wait until that moment will come, agitated, but in the same time feeling so calm, so incredible calm and confident about this future thought, feeling powerful and excited of this idea.

I know it will not be easy…but I know it will be worthy and meaningful for me. And I am not accepting anything less than meaningful things in my life, situations that will make me feel again butterflies in my stomach and the joy of living life to the fullest, with good and with bad moments, taking my breath away sometimes, but giving so much more back as well.

Soon, sooner than I think, I have to go out of the cage.