Easier Said Than Done

Many times we are procrastinating…

…in private life, in professional life, in life ideas or in whatever, you name it

….like this….

…or like this…


There are solutions to stop procrastinating

….below there is a video I found online 

and also a video that was sent on my email without asking for it!  🙂 … funny or not…some youtube channel that i once subscribed sent me this mail in mid March 2011, as if he knew my thoughts around that time :))

braintrainingguy hat dir ein Video gesendet: “Real March Madness”

A great brain training tip for greater achievements. March Madness will stop Procrastination.
Do you procrastinate? Do you beat yourself up for doing it? I have great news! It’s not your fault and I have the science-based skill for you that will stop your procrastination forever. It’s the REAL March Madness! And it’s sooo easy, when you know the science behind it! Watch the short video for the secret revealed by Sir Isaac Newton and the Final Four.

Bughi mambo rag and random thoughts about this video…..The video did not really got me in the beginning, I was wondering actually why I subscribed, since I don’t remember seeing one of his videos and really influencing me in some way or making me remember him…..probably I subscribed because of the brain training topic that I was researching once on youtube….If there is a training that I like, that is a brain training….you can’t really put me up for too much sport if I don’t enjoy it truly and get joy and happiness out of it…not just sweat…but for training the brain, I’m in 🙂

Randomness over…let’s get back to the video…… after I saw a few moments further in the video, after I heard a few science talks and physics laws related to procrastination..it sure catched my attention and in the end I watched it all….and it did revealed an interesting solution…sport fans and science fans will probably be interested in it 🙂

There are many videos or sites out there with solutions to stop procrastinating… I posted just 2 video as examples above, research on your own for more ideas….

And I have also my personal solution

In my experience, my simple mind setting is telling me that “a long disease is a man’s poverty”, as we say in Romania….so it’s time to just stop procrastinating. After all… Yesterday you said tomorrow….it’s time to just do it! 🙂

Yesterday you said tomorrow...just do it!

 And for me, there are three steps for just doing it:

1. Let go ....Let go of things that are not as meaningful as you would like them to be,  let go of moments that are not going to repeat anywhere else but in your head, let go of whatever you are trying to hold on.  So just let go to whatever you are trying to hold on, whatever you are trying to avoid etc…. It’s hard to do it, but I’ve done it rationally  twice in the last 2 years, read here the Feb 2011 thoughts and here the October 2009 thoughts on this topic….and I will do it again whenever something is not meaningful anymore for my life.

2. Stop avoiding or postponing things that you have to do while waiting for the perfect task, perfect idea, perfect moment, perfect something …the idea of perfect it’s so imperfect! …and reaching perfection will not make you happy… instead, just start doing whatever it is that you need to do but you avoid in a hope that avoiding will make the task easier…it’s not, it’s just crowding your brain for too long, making it seem harder than it is in real life.

3. Move, change, act …..Since you could let go or stop avoiding, the 3rd useful step is to look carefully if you need to.change something, maybe little, maybe looking insignificant, but with the potential to change your procrastinating mentality on a longer term….after all, it’s the practice of new habits that change your mentality and not the other way around.…so move into a direction that you wanted but just never made it to your priority list because to many of the procrastinated, postponed or avoided things were filling the priority list and meaningful space in your mind …Remember that moving, evolving, changing is always good, keeps you alive.

How’s your procrastination habit?

If you realized that you do procrastinate, and if any of the advice above – from the ones found online or  from my thoughts – sounds reasonable to you, go ahead and do your best to stop procrastinating.

But don’t get the impression that it will be smooth……it’s easier said than done….after all, old habits die hard, but it’s not impossible if you really want it!

You’ve got my support if needed! Good luck!

…and since you’re reading my blog, you should enjoy the change path with a good meaningful song! ;)) 


You know, you have to let go
But you’re hanging on
To give you time to grow
Got dropped, from such a great height
But you’re hanging on
You’re still hung up inside

You gotta readjust
You must belive that
You’re the one
You gotta learn to trust so tough
It’s easier said than done
But is it worth the risk?
All this, has got you highly strung
It’s easier said than done

Face up, you’re gonna let go
Sick of hanging on
And who cares what’s below?

Look down, it’s just a short fall
Landing on your feet
Because you’ve grown so tall