Green ideas

These are some of the green business ideas that I like and I would like to include in my life at one point: a green house or business, with solar panels, and a green garden inside the house, at the window or hanging on a wall…

Read below about these ideas, and keep in mind that these are just the starting ideas I have, there are more to come in my life, I’m sure! And hopefully one of the future green ideas that I’ll adopt will come from you, my dear reader, if you post your comment below 🙂 

The solar efficient type of house, including solar panels. – Prispa is one of the interesting models – and at this link is some info about Casa Verde program for the houses from my home city that want to install solar panels :

Window farm – a customizable farm for your window, allowing you to cultivate and grow plants inside your apartment – solution for people without acces to an exterior garden space.

Similar idea for interior green spaces, Vertical Gardens, made in Romania