These days I was talking about different meanings of saying “Cheers” – while drinking – in different languages and here are some interesting discoveries and meanings 🙂 .

For example, the German way of saying “Cheers” is “Prost”, meaning “stupid” in Romanian . If we want to say “You’re stupid” we are saying “Esti prost”.  When I first came here, even though I read about this cultural difference online, I still had a puzzled look the first time when someone told me for the first time Prost! : ))))))  I knew though why so I did accepted it and adapted to it rather fast…..but if you’re in Romania and you want to make friends, don’t use it  while cheering with people or you’ll receive some confused looks, or unwanted attention or reactions!   As a Romanian in Germany or Austria or German speaking countries, I can adapt to this and accept it as the nice polite way to cheer here, as a Romanian in Romania I would not accept it as easy : )) I still smile many times when I hear it said here in Germany, even though I am here for almost 2 years and a half!

Now another interesting meaning is coming from the Romanian way of cheering,  “Noroc”, which means “Good luck!” ….but in Urdu it means “Don’t stop” : )))) Since I do plan to travel one day in regions or countries of the world speaking Urdu, I should pay attention to how I’m cheering when I will go there : ))

I must say I totally like the meaning  of Noroc : )) for both languages!

So….Noroc!  whatever way you want to understand it :p ….”Good luck on your way, my friend”  or “Don’t stop me now, wild thing”, the choice is all yours.

PS: I do love love love this song, I was even singing it at a karaoke night in Munich, less than 2 months ago, and I will sing it again 🙂