MVV season

It seems to be again the season when I find myself near or in the middle of interesting stories happening in MVV U-bahn stations or in the train itself.

Tonight, while coming to Odeonsplatz from  Muenchener Freiheit, a guy of 50-60 years came in front of a blond german girl of 25-30 and he asked her do you like flowers? And then he took from his bag a planted flower full of blossoms and flowers….she asked – why did you give me this? for nothing, just to make you smile ….so they never met before, it was simply the most beautiful gesture and ice-breaker for a conversation that I saw since I came in Munich in an U-bahn….. genuinely seeing two people who are strangers to each other, smiling  at each other in U-bahn it’s very rare in Munich and almost always it looks as if those people are feeling awkward while smiling……but doing such gestures for a total stranger and talking and smiling in U-bahn like this…….wow…i was literally amazed 🙂 and lucky to see this moment!

Later on, while getting on the u5 track ….another MVV classic story (for me) appeared (previous stories here) … a guy was  staring at me while talking on the phone, than he just stopped talking on the phone when I passed him and then he said to me in a bavarian accent Servuuus :)) even though I could see he was not German, he was talking with a guy with a coat with Iraq written on his back ….so probably some turkish or arab guy from the long list of guys trying their luck on me in MVV stops.  Never mind, passing over and thankfully not followed and stopped for a talk as in many other times.

And out of all the pick ups tries in Ubahn, one is memorable, from an African guy :)))

– hey, I am lalllalala …what are you doing?

-I am waiting for someone to arrive

–  I am someone also, maybe you are waiting for me :)))))))))))

Moving on, in U5 tonight, another funny thing happened…a guy on the other side of the bench smiled all the way, but not to me or anyone else….it was like he was stoned with happiness 🙂 remembering nice moments probably, since he was closing his eyes from time to time :)) and he seemed German…which was literally even more amazing to see!! in u-bahn I see more often women smiling, men are rarelly doing a simple short smile … but this guy was literally in peace, full of happiness and with an infectious smile, made me smile the same!

And just before reaching my home stop, a phone started playing this song in u-bahn  and I looked around whose phone was it and expecting to see a woman…nope, it was a guy….a tough looking german guy!!!

hmmmm…..are germans gettting more sensible and open in public places than they were in my last 2 years since I am here? I don;t know, but it was nice to see some genuine human interactions in the subway! ….all coming after my wonderful evening of nice interactions as well!

When was the last time you did a nice gesture for a person that you don’t know?  Maybe it’s time to try your magic on some people that we rarely notice next to us….we’re so self-absorbed in our thoughts, worries etc….and we fail to see most of the times people suffering in silence next to us….

One day, I will stop the old homeless lady that is almost always in Odeonsplatz in the evening, trembling on the chairs, and ask her what is her story and if I can do something to help her.