Igor Krutoy’s music

I discovered Igor Krutoy (see wiki about him here) less than a month ago, while listening to the song above shared by a friend on facebook. Shortly, he is a Russian composer of Ukrainian descent, performer, producer and musical promoter that achieved wealth with his amazing native musical talent.

Since I heard it, I listen to this song constantly, I love the piano sounds especially and also all the other instruments are so well harmonized in the song and with the story in the video…simply…a special song ♥ and video for me!

But out of all the days I listened to it, today it’s like…. it’s like myself it’s the inspiration for this song.  How wonderful can it be to be able to see emotions in people, interactions and situations, and be able to create this wonderful music like a story. He is blessed with genius, a huge musical talent and sensibility and he manages to transfer it all in his music and make it accessible to all.

I think this photo of his is so wonderful, he looks as if he can see through all the protection layers that you would ever surround yourself with and see straight to your soul and sing out what he sees on the piano….

I would love to listen to him live while composing or being inspired by such situations he sees around….but I can only dream, because in reality the maximum may be just to see him live in a concert, from somewhere far away in the crowd of a full event or opera hall.