Part of the solution

I just read this article about a movie called Hand Held (this is the official website of the movie), related to the orphan kids from Romania, 20 years ago and later on …

“A guy with a camera, four hundred thousand orphans,a twenty-year odyssey that changed their lives forever.” “Hand Held” is a documentary about Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer Mike Carroll’s journey into Romania after the fall of Communism, and what he found when he arrived.

The producer and director of Hand Held, Don Hahn, is Academy Award nominee and producer of Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King.

An inspiring real life story talking about sad realities, directed by a producer that captivated us with beautiful fairytales. This 80 minutes movie is going to be hard to see for all Romanians…but it should be seen…it should be seen with the following ideas in mind:

  • Don Hahn, the producer, said that” I made this movie because I felt there is a lack of heroes and role models in today’s culture, beyond Charlie Sheen or Kardashian sisters. There are other type of citizens who are doing something more interesting and their story is more worthy of telling it. Mike’s story in Romania is convinging and relevant for today’s world. And I want to take him out of anonimity.”
  • Don Hahn looked at Romania as a beautiful country, but the place is not as important as the main character and his actions. “The fact that Romania happens to be the location is secondary. Mike could have done the same in Africa or in Baltimore. The main ideea of the movie is to search the good around us and to help organize and involve people in solving social issues”.
  • Mike Caroll, the main character, said also that with this movie and through the organization “Romanian Children’s Relief” he is trying to determine the community to be part of the solution and to inspire these charity actions.
  • This real life story is the proof that one man can make a difference if he starts with himself.

I hope to see as many social initiatives as possible around me, initiatives that can make a difference…

I hope to see also many more business becoming social and I hope one day I can create and work for one.

This movie is a must watch for me. Even though I am sure it will make me really sad, I am sure it will also inspire me.