Need a change?

Little things that we tend to forget:

Don’t be to set on your ways, change 🙂

This photo is just a short reminder to keep thinking of these personal changes and not loose focus on them.

I add also a new song that I heard recently, change related, with great lyrics 🙂 – Sick Puppies – Maybe it’s time to change

Lots of changes happened in my life since 2009, just search on the blog change / changes/ changing and you will find the articles mentioning some of them. I care a lot for 3 of these posts that you can find on my blog: The ways for all the good music related to change and ways included in this post and Songs for my soul and Drawing changes for all the learnings I had in the beginning of 2011 and that I want to include in my daily little changes.

And why not, I’m open to new change directions, if any of my friends are kind enough to share with me the changes I should do and to support me in implementing them…of course, you thought you are getting away just with saying it? Not if you’re a real friend! ;)) …..Friends?