Behaving in spring

It’s spring, everything is warm and sunny and nice and lovely and I am happy happy happy 🙂 of course it’s the seasong worth living 100%!

As my favourite spring song from Romania is singing  – The accacia trees went crazy, and you want me to behave? 🙂

Listen to the song and watch also this wonderful wonderful video + you can find lyrics below translated in English.

The willows have gone crazy
From all the spring
They walk naked in the skies
With all their souls in exterior
And they took it out from morning
White and loaded with dew
With strong odours from the sky
Pulled out from a new mistery
The willows have gone crazy
And with their sickness all together
It seems something happened
And with all this world
Raving birds
Take out their souls from them
Wandering from many longings
Travelers between the stars
The green forest got fuddled
It’s not so calm anymore
It hold the moon longish
Like a heart in the palm
You don’t see my soul how it gets out
In chaotic words
The willows have gone crazy
And you want me to behave?
And you want me to behave ?

Poem by Arhip Cibotariu translated by tigress_tim