Laughing lunch break :))

It’s getting to be a habit with me :))) All the videos below are so much fun, so enjoy your time watching them!

I start to enjoy taking my lunch break in the office at work, while listening to a nice stand up comedy video.  Me and Cristina started first with Seinfeld, our long time love, the other days we were watching Rusell Peters, today George Carlin, tomorrow I will try Taylor Mali …any recommendations for next weeks? :p …and is there any stand up comedy pub in Munich to watch it live…in English, bitte?

Go ahead, get your daily share of healing laughter, it’s good for your health 🙂

Seinfeld...everyone knows him 🙂 and Kramer’s famous entries are so much fun :)))

Rusell Peters has 2 very fun videos that I recommend so far as basic beginner level :)))):

  • somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad!
  • different accents – chinese, spanish, indian :))))))))) …and he’s saying that Indians are the Latinos of the Middle East! :))))))))))))))))

George Carlin (RIP, unfortunately) was a comediant that I discovered in 2009 while I was still living in the trainee house. I watched this video below about our differences a few times on an improvised cinema in my room, with a beamer projected on one of my room walls, so I know it all soo good! Too much fun! :)))   Today I accidentally bumbed into it again while searching for a good video to make me enjoy a smiling lunch and get back some energy into me for the rest of the working day. Woooah, the truth from this video! :)))))))))))))))) …. like ….listen what he’s saying between 1:50- 2:10 and consider that today is Wednesday and I have exactly this impression :))))))))))))

Ever noticed how sometimes, all day Wednesday you keep thinking it’s Thursday? And it happens over and over all day long…and then the next day you’re all right again!

Taylor Mali …. just discovered him today from Teddy :)))) I need to explore his videos, the first two I saw are hilarious, sarcastic, ironic, I love them! :)))

I’m cereal, I’m cereal! Do yourself a flavour and watch tzis :))))))))))