Is it?

Hans Christian Anderson said that Where words fail, music speaks.

I know it’s true for me many times…but is it true for everyone?

A lovely moment from last night made me remember this quote….Listening to this song, played more times, on repeat…and other songs on the same theme…until I got the message maybe? :p

And later on dancing on this song….that dance was for sure offering a direct flight!

Made me share a smile…or more 😉

Funny thing….this was one of the songs I kept listening and asking for it to be played over and over on 1st of January this year, on the New Year’s Eve at Tonio’s New Year gathering. it? or is it just my imagination?

Dizzy and confused. Again. How many times lately? … I’m out of my comfort zone…and still I’m there. Strange feeling. I don’t really know what to do now…so I’ll let things flow and see where it goes and I’ll just focus on what I know for sure right now. Until there’s more to be sure of, if there is more….Is it?

So write thoughts down, take them out of your head and focus….focus, because for sure you have to work today, there are meetings, proposals, arguments, decisions, creativity and many more things to do … Too many things to do and to do them right at work to allow loosing focus on this important part of my life.

Like I said before, interesting times of my life, 24/7…