FasanerieSee 2nd of April 2011

Yesterday, for the first time in my life,  a pair of gracious swans came next to me, at FasanerieSee, one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Muenchen…. I’m so happy Ali recommended this place for our walking afternoon!

The swans were everywhere in my childhood – called me from fairy tales like The six swans of Grimm Brothers, they singed and danced with me in my imagination in the Swan Lake of Tchaikovscky, their seemingly looking cousin, the goose, took my imagination all over the world countries in the cartoon Nils Holgerson’s adventures, National Geographic and Discovery documentaries presenting the real life of swans were a graceful delight to watch!

And so, since childhood, I’ve heard constantly that they are among the few living creatures that are mating for life. It’s been like the most romantic thing to believe in, the fairy tale like story, and I preferred to keep it this way in my mind, I did not have a look into this myth or reality….I still believe true love exists, in the most romantic way, but I don’t know if I will ever get the luck of having this true love…I’ll be happy with my glimpse of perfectly imperfect love, when I will find it.  🙂

After seeing their beauty and coordination, their amazing synchronization, it made me wonder….Is this swan mating for life idea myth or reality? What do they do if their mate is lost? Do they really stay faithful for life?

According to The Swan Sanctuary: “As a general rule this is true. If a mate is lost then the surviving mate will go through a grieving process like humans do, after which it will either stay where it is on its own, fly off and find a new stretch of water to live on (where a new mate may fly in and join it) or fly off and re-join a flock.”…so it seems that the myth is based on real facts, however, avoid using definitive words like always…for ex “swans always mate for life” …this myth can be busted! :p

Going to a different topic inspired by yesterday’s events, I’m here for more than 2 years and I realize I still have so many places to discover in Munich! What I thought after my nomad life in May 2010 just proved wrong yesterday, after a clumsy clumsy misunderstanding of our meeting place for reaching FasanerieSee and a phenomenal delay even for me 😮 :p …. …I’m sorrry!  (Rachel “Friends” style :p)

I'm sooooory....

Again Muenchen seems a big wonderful playground, uncharted and unmapped, I need to explore it walking, above the ground and without public transportation, to really know its beauty.   And I’ll always come back with pleasure to Munich’s swans lake, FasanerieSee 🙂