Musical discovery

Chillout songs, peaceful and with beautiful lyrics … I recently discovered Sphere, I listened to their music on myspace and I would like to hear them live. It seems to be a band composing and singing in Germany, made of two people, Nikola Materne, a singer with French origins, and Georg Türk,  native Transylvanian as he sais on the website (….I can’t get this little detail…”Transylvanian”….Transylvania is part of Romania!…).

As they describe their music, it’s a bitter sweet french touch, cheerful melancholic pop-songs, telling short personal stories. A spherical pop sound with lounge elements. Or JazzPop. A genre categorization is difficult, since their albums are travelling from Jazz to Pop and stop around for Nu-Bossa and Chanson influences. But it makes you “float a few centimeters above the ground” as it is mentioned in a German magazine in 2007.

These next video songs are from their first album, “Breathe” (2006 / Germany)

– Is it sun – This is my favourite from them until now, from what I’ve heard

– I fly away –

– Breathe –

Lyrics are available below for some songs, if you’re interested

I fly away

I want to raise a flower in my own garden, I want to watch it grow every day, I want to spend a warm night on the shores of an ocean, all around the world in a dream. I fly away and leave the grey days behind, I fly away and surf across the sky. I cant stop the flow of life, so lets make it part of my mission. I am here to be the queen of change, I am able to choose how to move, so flying is my decision – after years of walking its still strange.

(Nikola Materne, Georg Türk)

This cool vision is gliding down on me
its perfect in here
Come on over and put your hands in mine
I will be there.

Just breathe
A smooth peaceful bliss is running through my veins

I want you near.
Let the rhythm take hold of you
your mind becomes clear

Just breathe
Everything falls off
A wave of pure love.

You know your spirits free
Let it fly to soothe me, and breathe
Everything falls off
Feel the wave of pure love, just breathe.