Trainings, Presentations, Interactions

I miss the thrill and excitement of keeping a training, a presentation in front of many people, challenging myself to simplify the messages, to hold on to my emotions running wild when you are in front of a crowd or on a stage, to practice my spontaneity and out of the box thinking into a way that can be beneficial for others as well, not just for me.

Keeping a training in Prague at ITC 2009

IMAS 2009 Würzburg, Ulm, Bamberg - The conference where I was the chair

And I have a few options for that:

1) joining the rhetoric group that I heard it’s here in Munich

2) asking around in AIESEC  if there is any need in the next future

3) searching the net on other options in Munich.

4) being open to new options and proposal

Meanwhile, a short inspiring article about one of the very good Romanian trainers, ex AIESEC-er also, and that I remember seeing live in AIESEC Romania’s conferences and sales & negotiation skills trainings