Lucky happy :)

I just received earlier on this Thursday from work a book to read 🙂 a book with such great concepts that I only heard shortly about the Business Model Canvas while reading online, and even so, I was so fascinated about them and the structure proposed, that I talked it forward and we started to apply it shortly for our business…and because of this talk, now the book it’s in my hands, my boss bought it as one of the first 2 books that will be in the company’s library! Yaay!

Business Model Generation and how to apply the Business Model Canvas is on my current reading list! A 72 page preview from the book’s website is available.

Lucky me for such a great fulfilling working place 🙂 I’m glad I did not settled for a routine highly specialized working place, even if that would provide such a high stability, especially financially…. I would have missed a working place that  makes me feel the excitement of working there, the excitement of constant changes and the butterflies in my stomach 🙂  ohh, yeah, they are there, flying from time to time, it’s the first time since I came to Munich and I’m so happy!