Drawing & painting ideas

In feb 2009, after a few drawing tries, I was searching for inspiration so I was asking around what should I try to draw next. The most interesting answer was Venky’s, he was asking me to draw what makes me happy…it made me think what really makes me happy…but I had no idea how to express it in a drawing and later on I did not focused on drawing anymore. I still have no clear idea on how to translate my happiness in painting/drawing, but I want to give it a try in the near future.

These days I am thinking to put to use some creative skills and interests that I have and see what’s coming up…..so I’m gathering some brainstormed ideas:

1. What makes you happy? …or rephrasing, what’s painted in your heart?

2. Draw me a song I love so many songs, that it will be hard to choose…but at least I have options :p

3. Find inspiration online Google Art Project have a virtual walk into the world museums

4. Find inspiration in Munich – have a Saturday walk between Universitat and Giselastrasse, it’s full of paintings, have a walk on Barerstr and Universitat area,  all are full of creative shops, nice places, inspiring drawings or art themes….

5. Visit an art museum again, Pinakoteken area…or check your photos from when you visited one ;))

6. You’ve got plenty of flyers and papers that are with expired information lying around at home, unused and unneed now….or you can always find an old looking book in German thrown away by some neighbour above the post box….put them to good work! 

Try some handcrafting, like this

or try some origami work like this

or colaj type of paperwork like Ion B. and the ones you saw in Munich near Munchener Freiheit’s expo

or why not, scrapingbook ideas for friend’s birthdays 🙂

7. waiting for your suggestions, use the comment section to send them to me! 😉 Danke schoen! 🙂