Books to read

In February I saw this Ted talk mentioned in the post Whole-hearted, and it made me think of it and watch it more times since then.   This week-end I posted it again on my fb and one of my friends sent me a mail with a recommendation to read her books as well. If you liked Brene Brown’s talk on TED about vulnerability, try to find and read these books as well.

“I saw that you have posted the TED-video from Brene Brown today. I have seen this talk the first time around Christmas and I absolutely fell in love with this woman. Thus, I bought her two books “The gifts of imperfection” and “I thought it was just me (but it isn’t)” immediately and I can only recommend them to you. The way she is writing is exactly how she is speaking – lovely, witty and inspiring. ;)

Thank you, my dear K. for this recommendation! 🙂

PS: Another book on my list after another great TED talk of Matt Ridley and it’s mentioned in this post The rational optimist.