Draw me a song!

I found a person that I totally adore after seeing her work this afternoon! 🙂

Nour Tohme is balancing perfectly music and drawing! She is a talented 23-year-old french-lebanese designer and illustrator living in Paris.  And she just won the Deutsche Bank Creative Award for her project Draw me a song!

Draw me a song™ – High quality illustrated posters of all your favorite songs*- is a brand and conceptual website that sells illustrated posters of song lyrics: every poster represents a famous song (or that of a young aspiring artist/musician) digitally illustrated with stylized lettering….coming soon the website  www.drawmeasong.com and the blog http://drawmeasong.com/blog/

Just listen  to Aretha Franklin – Respect

and then look at how wonderful the illustration looks like

or to Rihanna – Umbrella

and look below how wonderful it’s illustrated

I’m so in love with her work!