Life’s too short! Enjoy your work!

I am very very happy with my current job. My personality is not letting me accept for long what I don’t enjoy and the best thing is that now I am totally captivated by my job.

However, if I am not enjoying my job any more, I will not be as efficient as I can be….so I think it’s just fair for me and for the company to quit and find another one.  I did that in the past, so I’ve got what it takes to do that. Maybe considering the current times, it’s much more wiser to first search and find a new one before quitting :). Just a word of advice :p

If you’re not enjoying your work, but still don’t have what you need to think of changing, if you’re thinking that the current job is not bringing you enough satisfaction, have a look at these ads – Life’s too short to spend it in the wrong job!