24th of February

A very interesting day overall, mixed with good and bad moments.

I had so many appointments today and I solved so many things, it was a great day from this point of view.  From 9 to 16 I was going to doctors plus health insurance plus a local public institution….walking around the city I realized that I don’t even need a map anymore.  It’s really good to feel that you already belong here.

Today I also met by chance 2 other people that I knew and met more times here in Munich, I’ve met them totally random in the city 🙂 it was really nice to feel that I am in a city where I know so many people. And one of them is starting to become very special for me, we had a really nice talk after 16 and we really connected.

A first for me happening today was that my Romanian passport is expiring today, 24th of February 2011.. 😀 I knew that it is expiring in February, I did not realized it’s today….

A second first of the day…just to make sure I don’t regret I never needed it or used this passport for a visa travel….today I got a red traffic light police fine to pay while I was on a hurry to catch a bus to the doctors….grr….but well….after 2 years of crossing on red whenever I saw it’s safe, I got just one fine of 5 Euros based on my passport exactly on the expiring day! Isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think? ….that was not the purpose I made this passport for! 🙂    However, I do not need the passport now, considering my travel plans are all inside EU for the moment and my Romanian ID card is valid in EU for two more years.

A third first is that I spoke entirely in German with 4 different people at the public institution where I got the “luck” to reach only non-English speakers! Auch….either way, they spoke in German, I understood, I replied in German as well for some things and all went ok.  And in the end, I even met a Romanian person working there and they asked her to make sure that I understood it all correctly 🙂 and yes I did! Ah, what a nice feeling! 🙂

In Romania, this the day called Dragobete = Valentine’s Day type of holiday :). Here I totally forgot about it. I am too  disappointed to care right now. But what is disillusion….just breaking the illusion bubble that was showing me a false image, so it’s all for the good….Silence from a person it’s an answer in itself….. All these problems are making me see the true colours of some people, are making me grow….too bad those were people that I truly care for, these are the people that can hit and hurt the most…..but disillusion it’s part of life and it’s opening your eyes, you look closer and then you draw the conclusions.

That’s it. Life goes on.  Change is the only constant. And considering how many changes I had in my life lately, I could start a change management consultancy already.

And I feel loved, wish you the same 🙂